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2024 Teams

The list below (alphabetical by first name) has all players that made a team in the program.  The age group of the team the athlete made is listed next to their name.  Some players may have made a team in an age group different than they tried out for in order to make positions balanced.  Find your name and age group and then look on the teams listed below in the colored boxes.

If you made a team, please fill out this Mass Patriots 23-24 Invitation

If you did not make a team, but would like to be placed on our wait list, , please fill out this form:

Mass Patriots 23-24 Wait List

This year we decided to name the teams after what we believe are important pillars to sports and life after sports.  At Mass Patriots we believe that you start out deciding to make a COMMITMENT to something that you are ENTHUSIASTIC about.  You learn how to play with HEART, HUSTLE, DETERMINATION and POSITIVITY while conquering the basics.  Over the course of playing and developing you get better at TEAMWORK, COMMUNICATION and gain CONFIDENCE while building your CHARACTER.  You learn to play with GRIT and MENTAL TOUGHNESS as the game becomes more challenging, but in the end it’s all about playing with INTEGRITY and RESPECT every time you walk on the court.

Addie Woodgate 18s

Addison Monahan 15s

Adrianna Peguero 15s

Alana LaForest 16s

Alana McNamara 14s

Alexandra Murray 14s

Alexia Laci 17s

Alysandra Joseph 17s

Amelia Mattie 15s

Ana Mangabeira 18s

Andrea Pina Jean-Baptiste 16s

Andreonna Sykes 17s

Anna Donovan 13s

Anna McDaniel 18s

Arianna Kaul 13s

Ashley Caruso 18s

Ashlynn Robertson 14s

Ava MacKinnon 16s

Avery Valicenti 18s

Bailey Newell 15s

Baylor Rizzo 13s

Belina Lee 17s

Bella Buonopane 17s

Brooke Reddicks 13s

Brynn Laing 17s

Caitlin Baker 16s

Caitlin Wood 13s

Callie Alessandro 17s

Caroline Anastos 17s

Caroline Pritchard 15s

Caroline Snyder 15s

Cecilia Nguyen 15s

Charlene Truong 14s

Charlotte Christiano 17s

Charlotte Donovan 17s

Chloe Quan 14s

Chloe Zhong 17s

Cindy Zhang15s

Cora Ryan17s

Dafny Rodrigues Campos 14s

Darian Hockney 14s

Destiny Francis 17s

Dhania Hines 15s

Dharia Hines 15s

Dolores Quintos 15s

Duscya Drayton 15s

Elena Smith 14s

Ella Roche 17s

Ella Wood 14s

Emily Nichols 13s

Emily Zhu 16s

Emma Davis 13s

Emma Townsend 17s

Emma Tran 13s

Emma Woo 13s

Estee Stern Bracha 14s

Evie Catrambone 17s

Gabby Johnston 14s

Gabriella Kenney 17s

Germain Anyanwu 15s

Gia Plaskasovitis 13s

Giada Guarino 18s

Grace Curran 14s

Grace McInturf 14s

Izabelle Longobardi 14s

Jaelyn O'Hara 16s

Jaliyah Elysse 14s

Jelianys Negron Cruz 15s

Jenny Li 15s

Joely Wang 15s

Joey Zhang 15s

Johanna Garcia 14s

Jolyanna Martinez 15s

Josephine Magnarelli 15s

Joslyn Roberts 16s

Julia Boussy 14s

Julianne Dow 14s

Justine Lee 14s

Kate O'Toole 18s

Kathleen Kenney 14s

Kathy Duong 18s

katy Zhen 14s

Kayla Dennis 15s

Kayla Hightower 17s

Kaylee Kellici 15s

Kaylee Tang 15s

Keira Clark 15s

Keira Tran 15s

Kylee Mejia 17s

Kyrie Blue 17s

Larissa Rodrigues 15s

Livia Ribbeck 14s

Lyda Jackson 16s

Lyla Martel 15s

Madison Dorcena 16s

Madison Patel 15s

Maeve McGowan 14s

Maeve Pugsley 15s

Mary Lupianez 16s

Mary-Kate O'Connor 16s

Mckenna Smith 14s

Meghan Swirbalus 14s

Melani Wijaya 17s

Melanie Zaborowski 15s

Meryl McCormick 17s

Michi Herr 17s

Mikayla Gooden 15s

Mikayla Laguerre 13s

Misty Ly 15s

Naraya Dasilva 14s

Natalia Maciel 17s

Nesve Ziyansiz 17s

Nissy Kahuha 17s

Olivia Henriquez 15s

Olivia Loud 17s

Olivia Miranda 15s

Olivia Nguyen 17s

Olivia Petrongolo 16s

Phoebe Hertzog 14s

Raegan Hopkins 16s

Raysa Difour 17s

Rebecca Berberi 17s

Reese Barnes 15s

Rory Kennedy 15s

Sabina Harrington 18s

Sabrina Mayer 16s

Sarah Walsh 16s

Sarah Wrightington 14s

Sariah Thiha-Wong 16s

Shea McSweeney 18s

Sienna Robertson 17s

Sophia Lam 14s

Sophia Liu 15s

Sophia Touma 17s

Sophie Derwinski 15s

Swaga Jha 15s

Teagan Marbury 14s

Teresa McNally 14s

Tess Carroll 15s

Vickie Mao 17s

Victoria Hynes 18s

Vivian Pan 15s

Wendy Vieira 14s

Winnie Tran 16s

Yaying (Angela) Liang 16s

Yinglu Guan 16s

Zeniah Correira 14s

Zoe Schulze 16s

Practice Time: 5-6:45

Addie Woodgate

Ana Mangabeira

Anna McDaniel

Ashley Caruso

Avery Valicenti

Giada Guarino

Kate O'Toole

Kathy Duong

Sabina Harrington

Shea McSweeney

Victoria Hynes

Practice Time: 3:15--5:00

Alysandra Joseph

Andreonna Sykes

Brynn Laing

Caroline Anastos

Kayla Hightower

Kylee Mejia

Natalia Maciel

Nesve Ziyansiz

Nissy Kahuha

Olivia Nguyen

Rebecca Berberi

Practice Time: 5-6:45

Cecilia Nguyen

Cindy Zhang

Jenny Li

Jolyanna Martinez

Josephine Magnarelli

Keira Clark

Misty Ly

Rory Kennedy

Sophie Derwinski


Practice Time: 5-6:45

Alexia Laci

Bella Buonopane

Chloe Zhong

Destiny Francis

Emma Townsend

Evie Catrambone

Melani Wijaya

Meryl McCormick

Michi Herr

Sienna Robertson

Vickie Mao

Practice Time: 5-6:45

Andrea Pina Jean-Baptiste

Ava MacKinnon

Jaelyn O'Hara

Joslyn Roberts

Lyda Jackson

Olivia Petrongolo

Sariah Thiha-Wong

Yinglu Guan

Zoe Schulze

Practice Time: 3:15--5:00

Addison Monahan

Adrianna Peguero

Caroline Snyder

Duscya Drayton

Germain Anyanwu

Joey Zhang

Kaylee Tang

Melanie Zaborowski

Reese Barnes

Vivian Pan

17-Mental Toughness
Practice Time: 5-6:45

Olivia Loud

Gabriella Kenney

Ella Roche

Charlotte Christiano

Raysa Difour

Belina Lee

Charlotte Donovan

Kyrie Blue

Callie Alessandro

Sophia Touma

Cora Ryan

Practice Time: 3:15--5:00

Alana LaForest

Caitlin Baker

Emily Zhu

Madison Dorcena

Mary Lupianez

Mary-Kate O'Connor

Raegan Hopkins

Sabrina Mayer

Sarah Walsh

Winnie Tran

Yaying (Angela) Liang

Practice Time: 1:15--3:00

Bailey Newell

Dhania Hines

Dharia Hines

Joely Wang

Kayla Dennis

Keira Tran

Maeve Pugsley

Mikayla Gooden

Olivia Henriquez

Sophia Liu

Swaga Jha

Practice Time: 1:15--3:00

Amelia Mattie

Caroline Pritchard

Dolores Quintos

Jelianys Negron Cruz

Kaylee Kellici

Larissa Rodrigues

Lyla Martel

Madison Patel

Olivia Miranda

Tess Carroll

Practice Time: 3:15--5:00

Alana McNamara

Ashlynn Robertson

Dafny Rodrigues Campos

Darian Hockney

Grace McInturf

Jaliyah Elysse

Johanna Garcia

Julia Boussy

Julianne Dow

Naraya Dasilva

Zeniah Correira

Practice Time: 1:15--3:00

Alexandra Murray

Charlene Truong

Chloe Quon

Grace Curran

Justine Lee

Kathleen Kenney

katy Zhen

Maeve McGowan

Meghan Swirbalus

Sarah Wrightington

Teresa McNally

Practice Time: 1:15--3:00

Elena Smith

Ella Wood

Estee Stern Bracha

Gabby Johnston

Izabelle Longobardi

Livia Ribbeck

Mckenna Smith

Phoebe Hertzog

Sophia Lam

Teagan Marbury

Wendy Vieira

Practice Time: 1:15--3:00

Anna Donovan

Arianna Kaul

Baylor Rizzo

Brooke Reddicks

Caitlin Wood

Emily Nichols

Emma Davis

Emma Tran

Emma Woo

Gia Plaskasovitis

Michaela Laguerre

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