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Absences moving forward:

Please use this Mass Patriots Absence Form to report if you will be missing a practice/tournament at any point during the season.  Your submissions will be shared with your coaches and will be easier for us to track than individual emails.  


COVID & Attending Practice:

We also ask that you use the same form above if you have a positive COVID test, so we can notify other players that they may be a close contact.  We will not share names or personal information, just alert others that they may be a close contact and should monitor for symptoms. 


The CDC also came out with new guidelines this week:

Someone who tests positive should be quarantined for 5 days and then can return to activities as long as you are 24 hours fever free without medication and symptoms are subsiding.  Then you must mask for 5 more days, but can return to activity.  


We at Mass Patriots, would ask that if you are still experiencing symptoms after day 5 that you act on the side of caution and do not attend practice.  It is harder to distance on the volleyball court and we are all sharing the balls, so if you are still experiencing symptoms please sit out. If you are unsure what to do, please feel free to email us at  

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